15 Holiday Promotion Ideas

Here is a list of 15 promotion ideas you could plug throughout the season:

#1 – Early Bird Specials

Offer a discount coupon or special sale to reward purchases made early in the season.

#2 – Repackaging for Savings

This could be half off a pair of matching earring when you buy a necklace, or combine a scarf, hat and gloves as a discounted gift set.

#3 – Post a daily deal

Deeply discount a single item every day for a designated period of time, such as during the 12 days of Christmas.

#4 – Secret Santa Sales

Host a secret coupon sale for only your e-mail list, or only your twitter followers, or only via a private requested Facebook message.

#5 – Give a gift, get a gift!

Offer to include a gift certificate or coupon for a dollar-off amount in all orders purchased during a certain window. That way buyers can buy a gift for a loved one, and get themselves a gift with the certificate after the holidays.

#6 – Throw in free items or samples

Pick a few days to be generous with the freebies. Let your customers know what cool bonuses they will receive if they purchase within a certain time window.

#7 – Bogo it up

Bogo sales are especially effective in person, at craft shows and other sales events, but they can work online too. Offer a buy 3 get one free, or buy one get the 2nd at 50% off, and watch your items fly off your physical and/or virtual shelves!

#8 – Free instructional PDF, purchase required

Create a high-quality, useful PDF for your buyers. Some themes could include gift guides to suit every person on their list, a care manual for how to store and maintain their new items, or a style guide if your items are wearable.

#9 – Free shipping

Everybody loves free shipping! If you have low-prices items, offer a coupon for free shipping that requires the purchase to be over a certain dollar amount so you don’t lose too much money on the deal.

#10 – Gift Guide Goodies

Create a gift guide and post it on your blog, offer a special deal for your items that are included in the guide. This can be done multiple times, as there are so many different people we shop for this time of year.

#11 – White Elephant / Mystery Gifts

Create a listing for a white elephant gift, and insight some intrigue into your customers. They don’t get to find out what’s in the box until they buy! (Let them know what the value is, so they know they’ll be getting a good deal – regardless of what they end up getting.)

#12 – Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Don’t forget the promos everyone will be on the lookout for. Be sure to use the tags Black Friday Etsy and Cyber Monday Etsy if you sell on Etsy during those mad rush days, and let your social media following know what to expect from you ahead of time so they can plan accordingly.

#13 – Preview Sales

Prior to a big sale weekend, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, offer your followers a sneaky chance to get in on the deal a day/week early. Let them pick over the good stuff before your release your sale to the world.

#14 – Pre-order Discounts

Working on a new line for the holidays? Show off some of your finished pieces (or in-progress pieces) via your Facebook or twitter page. Offer a discount to whoever is willing to pre-order the item before its official release.

#15 – Spread the Promotion Love

Collaborate with one or more other handmade sellers, and send coupon codes or small gift cards to the other shops in all of the packages you send out. As an exchange, ask them to do the same. This works especially well if you collaborate with non-competing shops, who cater to a similar customer base as you.

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07 Nov 2016

By Handmadeology.com