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​​​​​​​Parenting: It Isn’t Easy but It’s Worth It


​​​​​​​Parenting: It Isn’t Easy but It’s Worth It... Read full article

Time Management: Breaking Contract with Busyness


Michael never grasped how to live his life at a gradual pace. He was raised in a household with his parents and four siblings. The air was consistently flowing with the breath of movement, busyness, and accomplishment. To sit still meant to wast... Read full article

FIVE (5) TECH, CODING and ENGINEERING Youth Programs in PHILLY! #OpportunitiesMatter

by Joel Wilson on

Philadelphia youth receive hands on STEM technology training through leadership of JCW Computer Consulting, LLC... Read full article



How do people at the bottom (US), waste more money than those who are at the top?... Read full article

What Really Keeps You From Buying Black?


Are you REALLY supporting Black Owned Businesses? ... Read full article

Why Black People Are At The Bottom? Refusal To Support Black Owned Businesses

by The Advise Show TV on

Sad...but unfortunately true in most cases. ... Read full article

Why I Quit Motherhood

by Fay Decopain-Rogers on

What is motherhood really? After close inspection I’ve come to the realization that it’s a social construct, a box that now, I don’t too much care for.... Read full article

African Americans pay more for car insurance

by Mitch Lipka on

Yet another situation that African Americans are being charged more than other races.... Read full article