FIVE (5) TECH, CODING and ENGINEERING Youth Programs in PHILLY! #OpportunitiesMatter

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TechCORE2 2016 High School Internship First Day, July 11, 2016

MISSION | To Develop a Tech Industry Opportunity Pipeline for Urban Youth from Kindergarten-to-College-to-Career Entry.

Summer 2016 Programs & Internships

  1. Philadelphia Montessori Charter School Engineering & Computer Science STEM Experience (100 students Kindergarten through 6th grades)

  2. SIT Prep Program @ Discovery Charter School (25 students grades 1st through 6th)

  3. Anti-Drug and Alcohol Crusade, Inc. (12 students 1st - 6th grades)

  4. Social Media Advocacy Team Training for West Philadelphia Community Health Change Coalition (5 Overbrook High Students) 

  5. TechCORE2 H.S. Summer Interns (16 students)

  6. PHEAA College Interns (4 college studens)


TechCORE2 (Computers + Opportunities + Resources = Employment x Entrepreneurship) was founded by Joel Wilson and is a non-profit program sponsored by the strategic alliance of Mercy-Douglass Corporation, a 501c3 Tax Exempt health & human services organization, and JCW Computer Consulting, LLC, a technology firm.

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13 Jul 2016

By Joel Wilson