The importance of supporting black-owned businesses

The importance of supporting black-owned businesses

The race who does not build is always controlled by those who do
We have to support our business to transform our income into wealth
As we’ve seen, we have a more difficult time accumulating wealth than others.

Dollar Circulation:

- 1 month (Asian)

- 20 days (Jewish)

-17 days (White)
 -6 hours (Black)
Black owned businesses are vastly underrepresented
They account for 7% of all small owned businesses, even though we account for 13% of the population
5 reasons why black businesses aren't supported

1. They give poor customer service
2. They are only trying to make a quick buck and don't care bout their customers

3. They sell cheap products/below average services at exceptionally high prices,

4. They don't guarantee their products/services
5. They are very unprofessional/ghetto

Reasons Why You Should Be Supporting Black Owned 

1. The profits from our spending help the community where we live.

2. We build for ourselves instead of helping other races to build where they get all the benefits.

3. It creates jobs for our people so we don’t have to picket for them.

4. Spending all your money with people who live out of your community is like building a house on sinking sand.

5. Business profits leaving the Community hurts the Black Churches, Children’s future, needy, sick, Civic Clubs, and keeps the whole Black Community in poverty.

6. Black people can never solve their economic problems while sending all of their money out of the community as fast as they earn it.

7. Black owned Businesses can not succeed without the help of the Black Population.
8. The race who does not build is always controlled by those who do.

9. The future of the Black race will not be built on what we make others do for us, but instead on what we do for ourselves.

10. Most people in the Black Community who spend their money with the big, white chain stores usually go to the little Black Owned Business when they need help

"We have enough wealth within our family to go toe-to-toe with anybody in America"
-Michael Grant (National Bankers Association President/CEO)

The Importance of Supporting Black-owned Businesses

African American buying power is at 1.1 Trillion, yet only 2 cents to every dollar an African American spends in this country goes to black owned businesses.
In Gainesville, a black couple who franchises McDonald’s restaurants serves as FISS’ most reliable sponsor
They give out scholarships to local high school students
The voice of the community
Provide health insurance/ dental insurance 
Build the town/city's economically
Minority businesses need your help so they can help build our community

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14 Dec 2015

By by Trisha Leger