Top 5 Business Podcasts for Millennial Women of Color

When was the last time you turned on a car or at-home radio? If you are like me, you probably cannot remember. Listening to traditional radio is so 90s. Podcasts, on the other hand, is our present and future.


Podcasts are a fun way to listen to topics that interest you. Podcasts are created by experts that use this new form of digital media to reach their target audience. Just a few years ago, I discovered podcasts and I can now admit I have a true addiction to them – especially when the podcast drops gems and gives me my daily dose of inspiration.


On my phone, my podcast app is full of educational content, business information, beauty and hair tips, and depending on my mood, content that entertains my inner ratchetness.  


My favorite podcasts are those that are created for me by women like me. I love to listen to entrepreneur and professional women of color (especially those that are Millennials). For me as a woman that is Black, a Millennial, and still somewhat of a newbie to the professional working world, I can always count on my favorite podcasts for a wealth of knowledge, motivation, and complete “tell-it-like-it-is” realness. Although there are plenty of podcasts that young, Millennial women like myself could listen to, it is nothing like listening to someone that I can culturally and personally relate to.


If you are a young, woman of color you may have struggled to find relatable podcasts as well. Listed below, I have shared my top 5 favorite podcasts.#thankmelater

5. Behind the Brilliance

Why you should tune in:

If you are looking for a podcast that will have you screaming laughing and will channel your inner entrepreneurial spirit, you should definitely listen to this podcast by Lisa Nicole Bell. Lisa shares her personal experiences and also interviews other entrepreneurs on their business and personal life.


One of my favorite podcasts by Lisa is her interview with Roslynn Cobarrubias, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of In her interview, Roslynn dished out several networking gems that I have been able to benefit from and that I have personally used.


4. Think and Grow Chick

Why you should tune in:

As an ever-evolving woman in my faith and self-proclaimed naturalista, I can listen to this podcast by Courtney Sanders and learn valuable information in regards to my new, natural hair journey, as well as things related to my career, health, and spiritual life. One of the things that I love most about Courtney's podcast is that she gives genuine advice based off of her own experiences, and all of her lessons are easy to comprehend and learn from.


My favorite Think and Grow Chick podcast is How NOT To Be Broke All of the Time. In this podcast, Courtney shares valuable advice on how to collect more coins, and keep even more jingling in your pocket.


3. Bevy Says

Why you should tune in:

If you know Bevy Smith, you can agree that she is not scared to speak her mind or cover up the truth. As a former publication advertising pro and former co-host of Bravo’s Fashion Queens, Bevy has wide-range of business experience and she covers everything from fashion to women’s issues and business in her podcast. When you listen to Bevy, it’s like listening to good ole’ beauty salon talk or getting advice and news from your best friend.


In my favorite Bevy podcast The Art of Juggling, she interviews Emmy Award winning anchor Sukanya Krishnan and VH1’s Love & HipHop creator Mona Scott-Young. Together Krishnan and Young discuss how to juggle a busy life as a working woman with a family.  


2. Hashtags and Stilettos

Why you should tune in:

Sakita Holley is the Founder and CEO of House of Success, a NY-based lifestyle PR firm and in her podcast she gives a unique PR perspective on everything in branding and entrepreneurship that is very relatable to Millennial women. Sakita also discusses current events, and gives her PR insight on how to leverage your success through social media.


My favorite podcast from Sakita is Stop Talking Yourself Out of Shit because it helped me realize how I am getting in the way of my own personal success. Also in this podcast, Sakita gave me key tips on how to live a more fruitful life and how to open myself up to more opportunities.



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25 Jan 2016

By Brittani Hunter