So, with this year’s Winter storm, Jonas, I have had a lot of time to go over my finances and business matters. There are some things we can control and some we cannot. I wanted to take a moment and out this in the forefront of your mind.


1. Do take inventory. Not just of your physical product, but a mental inventory, also. We should always be at our best and set ourselves up for success. How can we do that if we are shooting ourselves in the foot, wait is it feet (you get the point)???


Take some time and go over what you do have in stock, this way you’re not over purchasing and using funds that could be directed somewhere else. I freed up about $200 every quarter. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but when you break that down into what supplies and things costs, that’s new equipment, new marketing materials, new uniforms, and my insurance payment. #winning #illdrinktothat


Think about what your talents and skills are. How can you save yourself some money and what must be outsourced. I’m sure I could learn how to do a lot of things if I was afforded more time. But time is a luxury many of us are short on. It frees up my time, concentration, mental energy, and gives me more time to do other things I rock out at.


2. Take a mental health break!!! It is necessary to unplug and decompress, weekly. If you are grinding for a deadline or launch, this may not be possible or even necessary daily, but it truly is weekly. Here’s what I’ve found in my time of being a Counselor and Wellness Consultant; you work so hard to get it done, the stress of those deadlines and pressure you place on yourself starts to take a toll on your physical wellbeing. Stress attacks our bodies. It’s not kind over a long-term period. Short-term, it may help us grow, be aware of weaknesses, etc. However, longterm stress begins to affect how the brain responds and reacts. It begins to take a toll on our organs that keep us well. It is truly a setback in the long run. If you did all that grinding by yourself, ignoring your wellbeing; how will you enjoy the fruits of all that laboring?
I’ll let you ponder on that.


3. Smile and tell yourself, it could always be worse and you are truly blessed for what you have accomplished so far and the Earth wasn’t created in a day. As my business mentor, Bebe, always tells me, set small, attainable goals. You don’t want these huge goals that you have no clue how to reach them. I want a yacht. OK… how do I get that yacht? What do I need to do this week that will bring me one step closer to getting that yacht? Simply saying I Want a yacht doesn’t help me get one. In fact, the way my brain is wired, it frustrates me. I will just tell myself later, perhaps I wasn’t meant to have that yacht, when in fact, I was. I did not concentrate and break it down to digestible pieces. You like cake, but you can’t eat the whole cake at once. Think slices!


4. Give yourself a pat on the back for the things you do well. We all have to encourage ourselves as entrepreneurs (or anybody else who works hard in any field). I treat myself when I stick to my goal planning. And whether I actually succeed in making them come true, I still reward myself for following it through. What I’m saying is, if I say this week I will make phone calls to get that new slot in so and so magazine; if I make the calls and speak with someone but they’re not looking for what I have to offer at the moment, I didn’t fail. It’s just not my time with that magazine. I did however, do exactly what I said I would do. Make the call. You with me? You feel me? Good.


now the last one is simple


5. Remind yourself why you started doing what you’re doing. Often times, when we get in a rut in our businesses (or life) we begin to feel defeated, especially, if it lasts for a while. Don’t worry, this just keeps us sharp and on our toes. You should know your business inside and out; never get too comfortable and always be competitive. If everything always works out the first time, good for you. To the ones who have to work a little harder at it, great. It’s building your entrepreneurial muscled and you’ll be ready for the next battle when it comes (and it will come).


So, the Take Care of Self series is not just about what you eat, but your overall wellness. Your mental health should be top priority as it rules everything else. The Counselor in me says, pay attention to signs, rest when needed, and talk it out. Get yourself a mentor, a good friend/listener, and don’t be afraid to fail. The wellness consultant in me says, eat right, rest, stretch, and get some sunshine!


Until next time, be well, be fresh, and be genuine.