After all of the years of being profiled when we go into stores. All of the "hurry up and buy" comments thrown at us by Chinese store owners. And now the latest is not being profiled BEFORE you make a purchase, but AFTER you make a purchase. Several African Americans have come forth stating that Barneys New York had them arrested AFTER they actually paid for their products. Even after I.D. credit card, and receipts were shown. We are still being surrounded, interrogated, embarrased, and in some cases actually arrested. Simply because the officers or store owners claim that the transaction is "fraudulent" i.e. "there is no way your black ass has a credit card that is actually yours" If these type of actions dont motivate us to support one another, I dont know what will. Arent you tired of being followed, disrespected, ridiculed, arrested when going to these businesses? The time is now people, start supporting your own. African American buying power will be at $1.1 TRILLION DOLLARS by the year 2015. We need to funnell that money into our community. Just something for you to think about that I once heard at a Les Bowen seminar. Please forgive me, the numbers may be a little off. But it was stated that 


The Jewish Dollar says amongst the Jewish for about 45 days

Caucasians about 30 days

African American dollars stay in the  African American neighborhood for about........3.5 hours. 


And THAT is why African American Business do not succeed. The time is now