This means that when you are in the fight of your life and your very freedom hangs in the balance, do not hire a lawyer simply based on friend or family recommendation.  You need the very best lawyer that you can afford to hire.  Simply put, you need a gunfighter.   When you hire a lawyer, you need to know that not only is he or she competent (meaning knows the basics of the law and procedure) or skilled (knows how to use the law and procedure to the benefit of the client) but most importantly, that the lawyer is talented.  A talented lawyer knows how to draw first blood, knows how to manipulate and bend every kink in the state’s case against you, and from the very beginning aims to completely annihilate the prosecution against you.  Not every case is winnable and not every case is a loser.  The outcome of your criminal case depends largely on what your attorney is willing to do, how much heart and soul your attorney is willing to put into developing a real working strategy designed to have you, the client, walk away from the case with as little penalty as possible.  You need a cool character, someone who does not break or fold under the pressure, but a warrior willing to ride the case out with you until the end.  That lawyer, the lawyer you need, will make sure that your case is winnable before you every enter the courtroom and if it isn’t, has the resolve to tell you beforehand.  Case preparation begins long before you see the inside of a courtroom. When you hire a skilled lawyer to handle your case, that lawyer will do much more than collect and analyze and argue your case before a judge or jury. Perhaps most importantly a skilled lawyer provides you not only with options you were not aware of, but with continuous advice to meant to help you recognize the potential of your situation from the very beginning. Finally, a lawyer should have no emotional involvement in your situation, guaranteeing a cool, objective and educated fighter in your corner at all times.  Once you know your options, you will be best equipped to make the right decision regarding the outcome of the case.  There are many contingencies in a criminal case that the client cannot control.  The one thing that the client controls 100% is who he hires to fight for him.