Since Friday is fun day, I thought I’d invite you to some of the random thoughts I have from time to time.    I mean, I’m sure I can find the answers on the internet to some of them, but what fun is that when you can be creative and dream up answers to those random questions.  Questions like:

Who came up with white cupboards and appliances for the kitchen?  I suppose if you don’t really cook then it can look rather stylish, but I’m the daughter of a true Jamaican mama.  I was cooking since I could reach the buttons on a stove, so the person who invented the white kitchen did not have me in mind.  I just moved into a house where everything in the kitchen is white.  It looks great, but catch me in a month or so and ask me how I keep everything looking white.  I’m talking snow like white people.  And I love gravies and sauces, so I’m sure I will have some choice words a month from now – lol.


glossy-white-kitchen So this is not quite my kitchen but close… (wink).


Why is it when I put my blinker on to change lanes the car in the other lane has the need to SPEED UP?!  Would common courtesy just not say, I’m going to let that person in.  I mean truly, is one car getting in front of you going to delay your arrival time by that much?  Really?


Sports Car on Road


What about when someone asks you your name and then asks you to spell it.  You comply and spell it for them and they say – “Are you sure?  I thought it was (in my case) S-L-E-I-G-H”.  Hmmmmmm.  I think I know how to spell my name.  If you just want to have a conversation with me – cool!  Let’s talk, but yes, I’m pretty sure I know how to spell my name.  That one always makes me laugh (ok, it doesn’t take much to make me laugh – I admit.  I just like to find humour in everything).


I know many people have this one and it’s not new, but I was just doing laundry and putting socks together.  Why is there only one foot of socks?  Where did the other sock go?  Seriously, when they say there is a sock thief in the dryer, I think they may be right.  I have a drawer full of one footed socks and instead of throwing them out I just have the socks sitting in this drawer and go out and buy new socks.  Does this make sense?  Am I thinking that the other foot of socks is going to magically appear?  Hmmmm.


sock This must be the sock on it’s way out – trying to run away!


This one is for all of my friends, colleagues and acquaintances who are not accustomed to having a friend who loves to change their look every other day/week/month.  I love you, I truly do, but before asking me questions like the one I’m about to post, please just think about it.  If you see me on Monday with short hair, and you see me on Friday with long hair, please do not ask me how I grew my hair and what product I used.  Do you know anyone who can really grow their hair by 5-8 inches in five days or even within one month?  I mean, yes, the hair does belong to me – I bought it – but I didn’t grow it.  I appreciate that you think my wigs are my hair though – kind of flattering really – LOL.


Portrait-3    my hair            Portrait-2 my hair

Both my hair – one grown from my head.  One purchased with my money.


Ok, so these are some of the random thoughts that go through my head from time to time.  What are some of your random thoughts? Or as Arsenio Hall used to say in the 90s (yes, I’m dating myself once again) Things that make you go hmmmmmmm…..


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Hope you got a chuckle or at least a smile.  Until next week, have an amazingly wonderful weekend!!


Believing in you,