For your "2 Cents", we pay $50+ Each time your Friends use one of our services to Start a Business!


Does your Family, Friends, Co-Workers or Colleagues need help with Tying their Business Ideas & Dreams into Reality? Refer them here to get $50 (+5% finder's fee) for each service they use hiring Black Tie @ ! Since 2006, we’ve been an industry leader for helping small business from Start-to-“Business” with customized assistance at unbeatable prices! In addition to this, we also provide rewards & incentives to encourage others on their journey to entrepreneurship. Instead of hiring more salespeople, we prefer to pay you $50 every time you refer friends, family, &/or co-workers to hire us to help them with tying their business ideas into reality! Our referral program works with these 3 easy steps: 1. Always encourage your Friends, Family, &/or Co-Workers in their pursuit to Start or Grow their Business (whether its’ through us or not)! 2. Refer their Name, Contact Info, & Business Needs to this link: 3. After your referral secures payment for desired services, please wait 5-7 Business Days to receive your $50 referral bonus directly to your PayPal or Square account. If you have any trouble with using this referral program for any reason, email or call (661) 418-7830 for same-day assistance.


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