Cosmic Glider's Dimension


Cosmic Glider creates vibrant, jewel-toned fantasy works using colored pencil and gel pen, while also dabbling in comics, video game, & fan art. Immerse yourself in a vibrant, engaging world of fantasy, escape into the surreal! Join me on my journey as I share my art, hobbies, and my dream of becoming a game designer! I’m Cosmic Glider, welcome to my Dimension! While primarily an artist right now, my ultimate is to have my own multi-faceted video game development studio with: ·Comics/Book Publishing ·Merchandising ·Licensing ·Multi-Story Gaming Complex ·Events ·and a TV/Film Studio

Welcome to Cosmic Glider's Dimension


Fresno, California Online
United States


  • Fantasy Art
  • Comics
  • Novels
  • Merchandise
  • Black Geek/Nerdom
  • & More
  • Premium Quality

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