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The RelieveIt Gel is a breakthrough natural remedy used for the treatment of everyday pain and swelling. The gel has a mild scent, absorbs quickly, and is used to relieve muscle fatigue, aches and soreness. RelieveIt Gel also reduces pain, bruising and swelling resulting from minor surgical procedures, dental extractions, cosmetic work and orthopedic care. We recommend use of this product prior to normal activities such as running, lifting, bending, standing, sitting and walking in heels for long periods of time, in an effort to reduce muscle fatigue, aches and soreness. RelieveIt Gel can provide relief for conditions as minor as a painful insect bites and for significant pain associated with chronic illness. Natural ingredients such as Arnica Montana (known for diminishing bruises and reducing inflammation), Calendula Officinalis (known for its ability to rejuvenate skin), Juniper Berry (known for its stimulating effects), Wintergreen (known in herbal medicine as a tonic, stimulant and astringent) and Eucalyptus (which also helps reduce inflammation) were blended together with other high quality ingredients to create a powerful, fast acting, topical remedy providing unparalleled effectiveness in treating everyday aches, fatigue, soreness and swelling.


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