Looking for YBFEs (Young Black Female Entrepreneurs


Founded by Felicia Webb, the YBFE (Young Black Female Entrepreneurs) organization is a platform for YBFEs to collaborate, network, motivate, inspire, support and partner with one another on projects, events, and community service initiatives. YBFE seeks to unite African-American business owners in the community to influence young black women to strive towards independence, self-sufficieny, and entrepreneurship. YBFE’s Facebook group is component of YBFE.org. We use this group to discuss, network, and collaborate. This is a SUPPORT group. If you have any questions or concerns or advice about business, please feel free to ask them here. Members are encouraged to share best practices, mistakes made and inside knowledge so we all can grow. Originally based in Washington, DC, this group welcomes YBF Entrepreneurs all over the world! Join me to make a change!


Felicia Webb

Website: http://www.YBFE.org


Washington, District Of Columbia
United States